About  Villa  Khursani

Villa Khursani at night

Your Home in Siem Reap

Villa Khursani is about 278 square meters (around 3,000 square feet) of living space, not counting he upper or lower verandas, gardens or sala, so we have plenty of space to enjoy. Cambodians consider it a "villa" because it is within a walled compound. "Villa" seems highly appropriate for a residence with such a big personality.

Le Meridien and the Sofitel Hotels are only a few minutes away. Jaya House River Park, the best hotel in Siem Reap, is just around the corner. Old Market/Pub Street are around eight minutes away.

Despite being so close to everything, our environment is peaceful and unspoiled. We are on the edge of the forest that separates Siem Reap from Angkor Wat, and surrounded by trees. The Villa is in a "village" of about 30 homes--mostly gated, mostly affluent.

We're half way between two major Buddhist temples, so we can often hear festivities going on. We are also surrounded by Siem Reap's odd "urban forests," large tracts of unspoiled, undeveloped land protected for posterity behind walls.

Unlike most hotels and guesthouses we do not insulate guests from local culture and daily life. Kids play in our road, people enjoy their own music, as they do everywhere else in the world. You might catch a glimpse from our upper veranda of a funeral procession on its way to a crematorium about half a kilometer away. Our road has no name and most of our neighbors get round on scooters or bicycles.

Villa Khursani's Garden

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