About Villa Khursani's Amenities, Conveniences and Policies

Step Inside Villa Khursani

Some of the Many  Amenities, Comforts and Conveniences at Villa Khursani

Villa Khursani is in a neighborhood that sees practically no crime. The house itself is very secure.  We have cameras and barbed wire where they need to be. Our gate is kept locked at night.

The Villa is non-smoking, except for the sala, as long as nobody else objects.

We are plastic-free. Single-use bottles are not allowed in the house. We suggest that you bring a refillable water bottle, which we will gladly refill for you. We provide drinking water in glass bottles for use in the house. We recycle all plastic, paper, glass, and aluminum cans we use, and our organic waste is composted in the rear garden.

We are LGBT friendly. Same sex couples share a bed, just like we do.

We regret that we do not welcome children. You have to be 20 years old or older to stay with us.

We have a full bar and will procure your favorite beverage before you arrive. You can also keep your own bottle upstairs. Ice is available at a Khmer-style convenience store next door.

Our TVs run on Amazon Fire devices loaded with Netflix and other premium content. If you have your own Fire Stick you can bring it along so that you can enjoy your own favorites and pick up where you left off.

Free WiFi, of course. We use a VPN.

The Pizza (and other food) delivery guy knows where to find us. We're on Google Maps.

If you are a cinema fan we have digitalized more than 300 quality feature films (from 1917 to present), plus some full-length opera and selected television series.  We can put what you want to see on a thumb drive to watch on the guest floor TV.

We use an outdoor laundry service for towels and bedding. They can also take your clothing. Delivery is usually two days after pick-up.

There is an electric kettle and a selection of regional teas on the second floor for the pleasure and convenience of guests. Help yourself.

You have to enjoy classical music to  fully enjoy Villa Khursani. We normally play music in the  ground-floor living room during the day.

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