Villa  Khursani's  Tropical  Garden

The Sala in our garden

A place for our guests to relax and enjoy, or admire from your veranda

Our garden is a labor of love. In addition to two mango trees, we have quite a few tropical plants, some of them flowering, as well as banana, palm, philodendron, orchids and frangipani. One of the vines on our walls is used to make a delicious traditional soup. The garden attracts quite a few butterflies. Dragonflies buzz around well above the garden early evening.

While several luxury hotels and the nearby Angkor National Museum all have large lawns, we are one of perhaps only a dozen homes in Siem Reap with a green lawn of any significant size. Ours gets daily attention from Douglas, your host.

Prominent in the garden is a "sala," an open-air outdoor structure that is a shady place to relax and enjoy a morning coffee, a cold afternoon beer, or an evening cocktail. The sala has lights, a ceiling fan and an extra large BBQ that can accommodate a small pig. It is our favorite place to entertain guests. We have accommodated ten for dinner easily. We are happy to cater an event in the sala for guests who want to invite friends for a festive evening, and can even arrange classical Khmer musicians if you like.

Villa Khursani's Kitchen

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