Villa  Khursani's  Second  Floor

Second Floor Lounge

Where Guests Spend Most of  Their Time

Our ground floor is constructed of brick, steel and concrete in a European style. The second floor is distinctly "traditional wooden house," although the roof is supported by concrete and steel piles.

At the top of the stairs is the second floor lounge/TV room as well as two bedrooms. Walls of the lounge are screened top to bottom  to provide natural light and the comfortable breezes we have in our forested part of Siem Reap.

There is a veranda the full width of the house outside, overlooking the garden. During dry months we will have furniture outside so you can enjoy your morning coffee or evening cocktails.

The two bedrooms are about 26.5 and 34.5 square meters (285 and 371 square feet). They are currently being decorated. This is an ongoing process that will happen only when rooms are vacant. Both have queen size beds, a chair, at least one bedside table with a lamp and other decorations. Both have a bathroom that is big enough for a football team to shower. (Football team not included.)  Both are air conditioned (new in April 2019).

There is well-worn writing desk as well as a tea station outside the bedroom entrances. We stock the drawers of the desk with things we think guests might find useful, including office supplies, hygiene products, and things that you might have omitted from your packing list.

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