Stay With Us at Villa Khursani Once--or Every Year!


Interested in being our guest? Here's what you need to do:

We have only two rooms for guests, so your first step is either to use the form on the next page to check availability. Please keep in mind that availability can change daily.

We accept guests for a minimum of 30 days, and for as long as you want to stay as long as we have no conflicting bookings made before yours. We are not licensed as a hotel or homestay because we are not interested in two- or three-night stays. If you are staying for only two or three weeks you still have to pay for a month, but the cost will still be far less than a hotel or most guesthouse.

Rates depend on the time of year you want to visit. High season is November through March.  Low season is April through October. Rates do not include breakfast, but we have a daily breakfast plan that you can add for the length of your stay. Housekeeping is also available,

If you are coming here to make a decision about retirement or to find a long term rental, we can help you in several ways. Please visit

You can become an Annual Guest!

If you do not want to retire in Siem Reap but would enjoy spending one to three months here every year, you can buy something like a "timeshare." We are certain that we will become good friends with many of our guests, so we love the idea of hosting the same people every year.

When you decide how much time you want to stay with us each year (one, two or three months per year, which need not be consecutive), you pay one fee and never pay again as long as Douglas lives in the Villa. (If you have read his blog you know he hates moving. He lived 25 years in a townhouse in San Francisco and 21 years in a condo in Bangkok, and people in his family live to be pretty old.) We are making Annual Guest fees very reasonable because we want to see friends often, and because it helps us pay for decorations and upgrades to the Villa.

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